Environmental consulting firm specializing in services to energy companies and industry.

Power and Alternative Energy

EnergyMeridian’s team of engineers and scientists are experienced in working with fossil fuel, biomass, and waste derived fuel energy projects.

Expertise includes:

  • Combustion residuals management, studies, and treatment
  • Emissions control equipment design and permitting
  • Waste-to-Energy fuel selection/optimization – analysis, processing design
  • Syngas production, collection, and processing


Our projects include traditional direct fired systems gasification process using torrefaction and/or pyrolysis.  We have particular strength in the identification and utilization of industrial by-products, converting them from a facility cost to a facility asset.

Combustion Residuals Management

Our engineers and scientists are experienced in permitting requirements for power generation residuals management.  We have experience in negotiating and obtaining permits as well as performing studies to support these permits. Services include:

  • Treatability studies to evaluate methods and materials to immobilize metals such as arsenic that may adversely affect soils and groundwater
  • Remediation design for metals affected soils and groundwater: Soil blending dosages and permeable reactive barrier design for groundwater mitigation
  • Soil and Groundwater Corrective Action Plans


Energy Emissions Control

Meridian engineers can provide engineering design and specification of air pollution control systems for custom applications or provide an unbiased options analysis for clients considering various vendor-supplied systems.  While Meridian has expertise in designing systems to control air toxics as well as PM-2.5 emissions, the first step in helping our clients is to evaluate more economical solutions such as potential process modifications to eliminate or reduce the problem emissions without having to install end-of-pipe control systems.

Waste-to-Energy Fuel Selection/Optimization

Our staff is driven to identify industrial waste streams that have potential energy value so that treatment and disposal costs for these waste streams are reduced or eliminated.  Solid wastes that a facility may send to a landfill and wastewater streams containing organics suitable for anaerobic digestion are potential cost reduction solutions for a facility by generating energy for the facility.  This reduces waste treatment and disposal costs but these solutions also reduce the facility’s energy cost in terms of natural gas usage and/or electricity consumed.

Syngas Production

Depending upon the type of fuel used, we work closely with the client to select a technology to produce a cost offsetting or revenue generating synthetic gas (syngas).  The syngas is commonly used to offset energy requirements of the syngas production system (parasitic load) and excess syngas can be used to fuel a boiler or internal combustion engine to produce power.  Our design approach includes processes to cool, scrub and filter the gas so that it is suitable for the end use. Our engineers are experienced in designing air pollution control systems including scrubbers, precipitators, condensers, and filters.